Scindapsus Manjula / Happy Leaf Pothos


Epipremnum Aureum or affectionately known Happy Leaf is a visually stunning house plant from the pothos family that can be grown in a pot and eventually trained to trailing if you let it. This pothos has the most beautiful variegated leaves, perfect for brightening up any spot in the home, and bound to spark conversation.


Water:  Keep soil lightly moist and water once the top 3cm feel dry.

Light: Pothos can survive in low light but looks better and grows faster in medium to bright indirect light. If the light is too low, the yellow swirls on the leaves revert to green on the new growth.

Humidity: Pothos like high humidity but it is very tolerant and can thrive even where there is low humidity.

Temperature: They are extremely tolerant and can live in warm or colder temperatures.

Air purifying

Nursery Pot Size – 12cm

Approx Height – 20cm _ Trailing

Each plant has its own character, they differ in shape, size and fullness. Size featured on the photo is approximate, but all plants are roughly around that size and fullness.

Decorative Pots/Stands are not included.


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