Noma 4405 Canterbury Belles 40 Light Indoor Set (Vintage / Classic Style)



For those who love the warm effect of old fashioned Christmas lights, fitted with 40 classic bell shape shades in 5 different colours and 40 replaceable 6 volt G1 filament bulbs. A no fuss static coloured set, just turn on and feel the warm glow

Set comes with fitted 13 amp plug with a 3 amp fuse ready for use



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A traditional 40 light indoor set with 40 mixed coloured bell shades. 

Technical Data:

  • Lamp spacing 15cm
  • Length of lights 5.85mts
  • Lead length 2.5mts
  • 39 lamps @ 6 v 0.72w
  • Fuse lamp 5v 0.6w
  • Set rating 28.8w approx.

Additional information

Weight 50 g


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