Maranta Leuconeura Tricolour / Prayer Plant


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Folding its leaves in meditation during the evening, opening again at the break of day. The movement of praying hands invites us to take some time out during the morning and night for meditation and reflection. The detailed veining of the leaves and the dark red under leaves makes the prayer plant considered one of the most beautiful houseplants. Perfect decorative pairing with the Ctenanthe.

Light – Filtered sunlight

Humidity – Mist regularly. If tips of the leaves start to brown, this indicates the plant needs more humidity. 

Watering – Keep the compost moist from spring to autumn. In the winter months keep the compost a little drier. 

Care – Thrives in temperatures over 16oC, a warm bathroom would be ideal. Likes to be grouped together with plants. A little tip for you, this allows the plants to create their own microclimate. Try pairing with its close sibling the Ctenanthe. 

Nursery Pot Size – 12cm

Each plant has its own character, they differ in shape, size and fullness. Size featured on the photo is approximate, but all plants are roughly around that size and fullness. Decorative Pots are not included.


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