Maidenhair Fern


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This Maidenhair Fern is one of the prettiest ferns around. It requires looking after and can be particular- it isn’t a fan of draughts and requires a good amount of humidity. Perfect for your bathroom!

Light – Filtered light, or light shade.

Humidity – Moderate to high- mist daily or sit on a pebble tray/ bathroom.

Watering – Keep moist at all times, but be careful not to overwater. Don’t let the soil dry out.

Care – If the plant does happen to dry out, sit in a sink full of water until the compost is soaked and trim any browning stems.

Nursery Pot Size – 12cm

Each plant has its own character, they differ in shape, size and fullness. Size featured on the photo is approximate, but all plants are roughly around that size and fullness. Decorative Pots are not included.


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