Lithops / Living stones


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Lithops are perfect for adding texture and fascination to your work space. known to have evolved to blend into the background of surrounding rocks, preventing them from being eaten by greedy desert herbivores. A small plant packed with curiosity. 

Light – Bright and sunny conditions. They crave four to five hours of light a day. 

Humidity – Low

Watering – Lithops lay dormant in the summer, so water sparingly spring to late summer. In the early autumn increase watering, this encourages the plumping of the leaves. 

Care – As late autumn comes, there should emerge a flower from between the leaves. As this fades a new set of leaves surface from the fissure. Stop watering at this point, the plant will take all the nutrients and moisture it needs from the decaying leaves. 

Nursery Pot Size – 10cm

Each plant has its own character, they differ in shape, size and fullness. Size featured on the photo is approximate, but all plants are roughly around that size and fullness. Decorative Pots are not included.

Pot size – 10cm


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