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Other known names include The jade plant, which perfectly describes the form and richness in colour of leaves. Some variations may benefit a red/pink tinge in brighter lighter conditions. Mozambique and South Africa are the originating continent of the succulent boasting evolved tolerations of drought-like conditions. Crassula are fondly known to bring luck and financial prosperity to those who care for them. And with very little care and attention desired in return. A house plant for life. 

Light – Bright- Indirect light 

Humidity – None

Watering – Thrives on neglect. No harm to err on the frugal side of watering storing its moisture in the swelling leaves. Feel out for this. 

Care – Very little need to feed- Choose a spot that receives the best of the morning sun, in just the right conditions owners are surprised with quaint bursts of light pink-white flowers 

Nursery Pot Size – Hanging 12cm


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