Calathea Leapordina


Its clear why the Calathea is a favourite houseplant with its extraordinary varieties. This Variety is the Zebrina. Sure to add vibrancy and curiosity to your collection or a light warm area of the room. Although they look tropical you may be suprised to know that they can adapt to a variable of locations in the home.



Water – They must be kept in damp soil at all times, but definitely do not allow the plant to sit in water or in very wet soil. Think little and often as a watering policy.

Light – Calathea need plenty of diffused light however direct sunlight will cause the leaves to fade and lose their markings. Get into the process of rotating your Calathea to simulate this. This helps with even growth.

Humidity – They enjoy humidity, brown leaf tips indicate that humidity is too low. Start a routine of misting.

Temperature – They like warmth ideally about 20 degrees C.

Nursery Pot Size – 12cm

Approx Height – 30cm

Each plant has its own character, they differ in shape, size and fullness. Size featured on the photo is approximate, but all plants are roughly around that size and fullness.

Decorative Pots/Stands are not included.


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