Aura-Eco Aura 100T 100mm 5.6W Quiet Toilet Fan with Adjustable Timer for Wall/Ceiling Airflow 9041348


Aura-Eco Toilet Fan with Timer – Specs

  • Type: Axial fan for toilet ventilation controlled by a timer
  • Timer model: the timer can be set to run on between 2 and 30 minutes
  • Mounting: it can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling in the bathroom or toilet
  • Sound level: 26 dB(A)
  • Ventilation: up to 70m3/hr, 19 l/sec
  • Construction: ABS thermoplastic
  • Ducting: 100mm
  • It has a slim and compact style
  • Maximum operating temperature: 40 degrees
  • Voltage: 230V. CE Mark.
  • IP rating: IPX4 rated, ideal for bathroom use
  • Watt motor power: 5.6W, low watt motor
  • Low SFP: 0.29 W/l/s
  • Insulation: double insulated
  • Model: Airflow 9041348 Aura-Eco T 100mm timer fan
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Compatible with 100mm ducting
  • Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 102mm (100 diameter spigot)


This is the Airflow 9041348 – the Aura-Eco 100mm 5.6W Quiet Toilet Fan with Adjustable Timer for Wall/Ceiling mounting, with an IPx4 rating.

The Aura Eco 100 is a highly reliable and powerful low-energy fan, designed in a modular fashion for intuitive use and easy installation. The fan is operated by an adjustable timer with overrun.

  • This model prides itself on a handy array of features that make it both accessible to use and energy-efficient. It has a low energy axial fan that operates at a quiet 26dB(A), with a low watt motor that all combine to create an eco-friendly supplement for your bathroom, toilet or en-suite.
  • The Aura 100 will fit snugly into your bathroom interior, with a slim, compact, attractively styled, simple to clean design that can be easily ducted over short lengths. They are completely ideal for removing damp, moist air odours and airborne pollutants from toilets and bathrooms, and are an outstanding energy-saving extract fan, for every home decor and budget.
  • The Airflow Aura-eco range of bathroom fans complies with the requirements of the EU norms and directives. Do not place the ventilator near direct heat sources, e.g. radiant heaters, or where temperatures can exceed 40°C (104° F).
  • This bathroom fan with timer function switches on when the voltage is supplied to the LT terminal via an external switch. After the voltage to the LT terminal is disconnected the fan continues to run for the set overrun period between 2 and 30 minutes. The overrun period is adjusted by turning the potentiometer(T) clockwise to increase and anti-clockwise to decrease.
  • Application: Primarily for use in toilets. Designed for use in premises with temperatures anywhere from 0 degrees to 45 degrees; designed for connection to the AC network, using a voltage of 220-240V and current frequency of 50Hz.
Technical Features
Airflow 70m3/hr, 19l/sec
Colour white
Construction ABS thermoplastic
Ducting 100mm
IP Rating IPX4
Max. Operating Temperature 40 deg C
Power 6W
Sound Output 26 dB(A)
Specific Fan Power 0.29 W/l/s
Voltage 230V

Additional information

Weight 150 g


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