Aglaonema Key Lime


Immediately brighten up your living space/office with this vibrant and uplifting variety of Aglaonema. The Key Lime has the Chinese Evergreen’s characteristics and growing habits: long leaves parting in rhizomatic stems.
Each leaf has a striking shade of bright yellow running down the centre and along its veins. The stems themselves are a milky-white – a rare characteristic an often rare formation of houseplants.


Water:  Water once a week during Summer and mist leaves every few days, water less frequently in Winter.

Light: They thrive well in the shade or low light environments, do not expose to direct sunlight.

Humidity: They can tolerate low humidity levels, less so than most plants.

Temperature: Normal room temperature is fine, but avoid draughts.

Other info – 

Pot size: 17cm

Approx height not including nursery pot: 70cm

Decorative pot not included


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